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Welcome to the

Coatbridge College

2012 online Diversity Calendar

- produced in partnership with Diversiton

Click here to view or download your 2012 Online Diversity Calendar

Over 260 important dates including holy days, special events, months and bank holidays

  • Great Quotes on Life and popular 'Diversity Perspectives' every month

Please add this page to your "Favourites" and check dates regularly


Free and Unlimited access
It's important that you let your colleagues and users know that they can have easy,

unlimited and free access to your online Diversity Calendar throughout 2012

As well as this free hosting page from Diversiton you can also: 

 1. Place the Diversity Calendar on any part of your organisation website(s)

or intranet– to be freely accessed by employees and clients/users 

2. Send this page link / url address by email to all employees

so that they have their own desk copy – at home and/or at work.





Diversiton welcomes your feedback on the calendar along with any suggestions for additional

dates, content or features for next year. Many thanks again for your support.

Getting ready for 2013 !!

Many organisaton now choose the bespke online Diversity Calendar where they add their

own dates, images and text. Why not collect photos, quotes and ideas from now and

we’ll help you to create the ideal Diversity Calendar for your organisation for 2013?

Contact us

If you have any queries please contact us on 02841 754777

or email

Copyright notice

The Diversity Calendar is copyright to Diversiton ( and under the terms of this agreement usage is restricted to your employess and clients/users within the normal parameters of day to day work.  Any unauthorised copying or distribution outside of the organisation is strictly prohibited.  Diversiton is a non profit making organisation and all resources are used to support the development of new products and services in the promotion of equality and diversity.  Diversiton also supports a range of charitable projects. Thank you.

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